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* Beginning January 23, 2015, General meetings will be held at the San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center, 18312 Oxnard Street, Tarzana, CA, 91356

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2015SFV Arts & Cultural Center
January 23
March 27
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Time: Fridays, 10:30 am–1:00 pm

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Our next meeting will be held at the San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center,
18312 Oxnard Street, Tarzana, CA, 91356


Meeting: Friday, March 27, 2015

Guest Artist: Lorraine Bubar

Lorraine Bubar is an artist, art educator and passionate advocate for the arts. She studied art, biology and animation at UCLA and Yale and worked for many years in the animation industry, creating special effects and animation for television commercials, feature films and film titles. Throughout her animation career, Lorraine's watercolor paintings were shown in numerous exhibitions.

Lorraine is currently working in the art of papercutting. Using simple materials and tools, she cuts and layers papers to create intricate artworks.

"Musical Thistles" by Barbara Tabachnick Lorraine's interest in papercutting began when she realized that it is utilized by so many cultures across the globe. As a world traveler, she is fascinated with the art forms or "folk art" created by local people. As a woman, she is interested in how different cultures mark events in their lives. Lorraine discovered that papercuts have been created as calendars; to mark births and deaths (such as for Day of The Dead); and to decorate homes and synagogues for the holidays in Judaic tradition. 

"My papercutting connects me to this extensive cultural heritage, as well as actually utilizing papers created in Asian countries that I have traveled in. Papercutting is an artform that crosses the boundaries of culture, art, and craft. Lines and shapes overlap and the imagery emerges out of the texture and layering of the papers. My papercuts reflect the hierarchy of nature and the intricate layers of life. I reveal bold color contrasts and lacey textural patterns reflecting the contrast between the fragility and strength found in paper itself."

"Musical Thistles" by Barbara Tabachnick

The layers in Lorraine's art are not always evident at first glance. A closer look reveals a depth of materials, imagery and meaning.

Lorraine Bubar's papercuts, watercolor paintings and mixed-media art have been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries. She is currently an exhibiting artist at TAG, The Artists' Gallery in Santa Monica's Bergamot Station and at Chemers Gallery in Tustin, California.  Lorraine is an active member of The Guild of American Papercutters, Women Painters West, and the Fine Arts Council of The American Jewish University.


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