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Current active, life, and complimentary life members of Collage Artists of America are eligible for a free listing of your own collage, mixed-media collage, and/or assemblage website on this page. Please send an e-mail containing your website URL (address) to the CAA Webmaster

Membership status must be current in order for the link to remain on this page.

In return, artists listed here are asked to include a link to on their website.

CAA Artists

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Marian Devney Pictured right: “My Heart Sings” by Marian Devney >

Susanne Belcher:

Janet Black:

Clark Branson:

Sharon Brooks:

Marian Devney:

Phyllis J. Doyon:

Teri Dryden:

Lore Eckelberry:

Joan Foster:

Nancy Goodman LawrencePictured right: Collage by Nancy Goodman Lawrence >

Susan Gesundheit:

Dafna Gilboa:

Lee Goldberg:

Ben Goldman:

Sylvia Hamilton Goulden:

Mary Guzman:

Richard Herd:

Vicky Hoffman:

Liza Julien:

Natasha J. Kostan: represented at larkgallery

Shawn K. Riley Pictured right: “Aunt Carrie's Twins” by Shawn K. Riley >

Harriett Lahana:

Marilyn Landau:

Nancy Goodman Lawrence:

Ronit Lidor:

Judith Lindenberg:

Kwei-Lin Lum:

Rachelle Mark:

Barbara McIntyre:

Darlene Mellein:

Rea Nagel:

Virginia SandlerPictured right: Collage by Virginia Sandler >

Esther Pearlman:

Nancy Crandall Phillips:

Lois Ramirez:

m. Rheuban:

Shawn K. Riley:

Michelle Robinson:

Launa D. Romoff:

Toby Salkin:

Virginia Sandler:

Melinda J. WarrenPictured right: Assemblage by Melinda J. Warren>

Betty B. Schabacker:

Marilyn Stempel:

Barbara Tabachnick:

Erella Teitler:

Mara Thompson:

Wendy Tigerman:

Anita Van Tellengen:

Melinda J. Warren:

Kelly Brumfield-Woods: