Honorary Members

Gerald Brommer

Our Mission

The specific purpose of Collage Artists of America, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, is to promote interest and participation in, and the study, appreciation and support of, collage, assemblage and related mixed-media art by providing resources such as educational programs, instructional workshops and art exhibits to its members and the public.

About Us

Originally known as California Collagists, Collage Artists of America was founded in 1988 by nine Los Angeles-area women proficient in a variety of media who sought to expand their creativity to encompass collage and assemblage. Two years later the current name of the organization was adopted and membership has grown across the United States. Many members are or have been instructors at all levels of education and exhibit widely both nationally and internationally.

Meetings are held five times a year and include stimulating programs presented by artists renowned for their work in collage and assemblage.

Juried exhibits are mounted each year at venues ranging from galleries and museums to online and alternative spaces.

In addition to exhibits and meetings, member benefits include workshops, newsletters and drawings. To maintain ties to the community and to promote the study of collage, CAA supports an annual scholarship for a deserving student.

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2012-2014 Marian Devney

2010-2012 Jeanne Zinniker

2008–2010 Nicki Newfield

2006-2008 Dorothy Tate

2004-2006 Susan Gesundheit

2000-2004 Judi Birnberg

1998-2000 Ruth Banarer

1996-1998 Lois Ramirez

1994-1996 Betty Beam

1991-1994 Dorothy Tate